• "The best colour in the world is one that looks good on you"

    Coco Chanel

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    Colours by Suse

    Susanne Williams is your expert Colour and Style consultant based in Sydney.


    Hosting workshops in both Personal Colour Analysis and Style Personality Suse is passionate about supporting women and men to find their best selves.

  • Seasonal Colour Analysis

    Have you ever wondered.......?


    Why some colours look fantastic on you and other just don’t? Well there is a reason behind it. We each have a unique skin tone and eye colour, so when we find the right colours to complement these, we can look brighter, healthier, slimmer, younger, fresher and more dynamic giving you a renewed sense of excitement and confidence. The wrong colours drag you down (inside as well as outside) highlight your flaws and make you look tired, unwell, sallow, and heavier. SO it's not just wearing something that looks amazing - it's finding the RIGHT colours (and shades) for YOU. It's an entirely bespoke service.


    If you want to learn exactly what to wear and how to look your best for every occasion, then you're ready for expert Colour Analysis from Colours Australia. You will see for yourself the specific colours that will be in perfect harmony with your eyes, skin and hair tones and the amazing effect wearing them has on your appearance and self confidence.


    • Choosing clothes in the best colours for you ensures your wardrobe will all work together saving you time and money and you won’t make those ‘bargain’ purchases that never get worn.
    • Most of us wear 15% of our clothes 85% of the time because instinctively we feel much better in some than in others. Once you know which colours are yours you will understand what it is about that 15% of your wardrobe that makes them wonderful and shopping becomes so much simpler (and cheaper.. no unwanted items bought!).​


    "Getting your Colours done..."

    A relaxing, personalised session that is about getting the most out of fashion's extensive colour palette, where the attention is squarely on 'you' and is about helping you make the best of yourself by highlighting all your wonderful assets. Look forward to a lifetime of compliments and feeling beautiful and confident.


    The class costs $320 (or $275 for 2 or more) and you also receive a card with your Colours and a personalised makeup booklet. Classes run in SYDNEY and Melbourne can be done individually or as a group (always best shared with some friends and champagne)! Men’s classes are also available.


  • Personal Style Classes

    Do some styles of clothes just not feel like you? Can other people pull off a certain style when it leaves you looking strange?


    We all have a unique personality to represent through our clothing and style choices. Discovering your style personality is the next level in dressing for the image that is reflective of you as the individual you are.


    The Colours Australia Style Personality class will help you to discover what style of clothing suits your personality and body shape to project your truest self.


    Making shopping and looking great a simple and enjoyable experience.


    Investment is $320 per person, or $275 for 2 or more per session.


    *We recommend doing a Colour Analysis before a Style Personality Class to get the most out of your wardrobe and style building.

  • Hear what my clients have to say...

    As a new mum, having my colours done has not only made me feel good on the outside but great on the inside! My cupboard was full of clothes I love the ideas of but never feel great wearing and now I know it was because they were all the wrong colours for me. Suse has a passion for helping people look great and a kind and caring manner that makes you feel at ease throughout the whole consultation. What an amazing experience- I wish I had it done years ago! Liz (Autumn) -Colours Australia Client


    Having Susanne do my colours was such an enjoyable and liberating experience. It really is amazing to see how much brighter and healthier you can look by wearing the best coloured clothes and makeup that suit you. I had always struggled when buying clothes and had a wardrobe of items I barely wore. However, since discovering which colours suit me best, shopping has become a pleasure again and I get so much more wear out of having a wardrobe where the colours all blend well and look good together. I also decided to change my hair colour to a cooler shade after Susanne revealed I was a 'summer' and it was amazing the difference it made to my complexion and to the 'pop' of my eyes. I would highly recommend Susanne, she makes the experience so much fun and you leave feeling great about yourself and excited to go shopping for new clothes! Katie (Summer)- Colours Australia client


    It's no exaggeration to say that my life has changed since having my colours done with Suse! The biggest difference is in how polished and professional I feel at work. I always wanted to be able to wear lipstick because I could see that when it was worn properly, it could look amazing. I was thrilled to discover the lipstick colours that suited my complexion and now I wear lipstick every day to work and for most social occasions that don't involve activewear! I loved finding out the colours to wear that suited me. I found that I was already wearing a few of them, but I did learn how to put them together more effectively and which other colours I could add into my wardrobe. It's one of the best investments I've ever made because personal presentation is so important at work and in how you feel about yourself when you walk out the door every day to face the world. Suse is also one of the warmest and loveliest people you could meet, so I felt very comfortable whilst having my colours done in her beautiful home. Kelly (Winter)- Colours Australia client


    I had my colours done by Suse and it completely changed the way I shop for clothes. No more buying errors - I was shown exactly what colours suited my skin tone and given a swatch of colours to keep in my hand bag so when shopping I can immediately home in on the colours that suit me best. No more nasty buying experiences that have to be taken back or waste of space sitting in the wardrobe as for some reason I never wear them - the reason is of course they didn’t suit me.

    The actual experience was great with Suse carefully going through the whole colour spectrum till she found the right colour season for me. And it is amazing to see how with the correct colours my face seemed to glow and reflect the colour that suited me whereas the ‘wrong’ colour and my face looked sallow and didn’t come alive.

    It makes my life so much easier as all my clothes are now co-ordinated - All that deliberating on what can I wear today or what will go with which outfit as everything goes together.

    Not only did the experience show me the correct colours to buy in clothing it also showed me what make-up colours best complimented my face tone, so helpful for example when trying to choose the right coloured foundation in an artificially lit shop - I can immediately ask for the correct colour - no trying different colours out on the back of my hand, I now know the tone that suits me.

    All in all a great and fascinating experience and Suse is very knowledgeable and certainly knows her colours. Judy (Winter), A very happy shopper


  • Gift Voucher

    Giving someone a priceless gift of confidence is the best present ever. Consider a Gift Voucher for your loved one.


    Gift Vouchers are available for both Colour Analysis and Style Classes.

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